An Introduction to VirgoSwap

After launching on the Virgo Testnet just over a month ago to great success, we are delighted to announce that Virgoswap is now available!

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What is VirgoSwap?

VirgoSwap is one of the first of many Virgo products. It simplifies VGO trading and gives people an opportunity to generate passive income while helping the project!

VirgoSwap allows you to buy and sell VGO on the largest decentralized exchanges, all through a simplified interface.

There is no more need to import our token or set the slippage; everything is handled automatically! You will even soon be able to buy VGO directly with your credit card.

VirgoSwap is only the beginning of a larger project, which will integrate many financial services into our future blockchain and wallet: Atomic swaps, liquidity pooling, prepaid debit cards… There are countless opportunities to expand Virgo’s DeFi ecosystem!

Rewarding referral system

Creating a strong community is essential to any project, and those who help build it deserve to be rewarded! VirgoSwap integrates a referral system, permitting you to earn 1% on each of your affiliate’s trades, forever. Just share your referral link with friends and followers; if they decide to buy VGO the following days, you win! That’s an excellent opportunity to generate passive revenue.

What Tokens Are Available to Trade?

VirgoSwap has launched a core set of tokens available for immediate trading. However, we will follow up soon with several new token launches (BTC, ETH, etc). Ultimately, the goal is to provide our users with the most complete decentralized exchange possible. The tokens available for immediate trading are:



How Do I Use VirgoSwap?

VirgoSwap has been designed to be as easy to use as possible from the ground up. All you need to get started is MetaMask or any other wallet to connect. Then, you only have to choose the token and the amount you want.
Everything is done to simplify your life.

Try VirgoSwap:

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